I’m 22 and about to graduate from university. What an achievement! But you know what I’m SINGLE.

Is there something wrong there?

Many of my friends are either dating, engaged or married.And I feel like life is not much when you can’t share it with someone special. You could say that I’m still YOUNG. Of course, I’d agree with that. But deep down inside, I feel like time is ticking and I’m constantly reminded by myself that you cannot turn back time. The panic and frustration you feel is like being an outcast, the leftover that no one wants. It’s like in primary school when we have to split into two teams to play sport and the two captains would pick people to be on their team. And as they pick, you watch the numbers decrease until two and you think to yourself “Am I going to the last one again?” The sense of worthlessness is eating away at your self confidence.

You keep asking yourself “Is there something wrong with me?”

It also doesn’t help when people around you keep asking you:

What’s Next? When are you planning to get a boyfriend?

While this is the thought process that goes through my mind, I have to remember that I have values and stick to them. My standards is set and no matter how many guys may be hovering around that standard of mine, I will never lower that standard. If that person respects me as a person and like me for who I am, I will not have to lower that bar, but he will lift his. Discounts may be good for one and but for the other depending on how you perceive it.

Isn’t this a bit like moving forward and not taking steps back?

Of course relationships are good for us. We are human beings after all. We are social beings. But sometimes we put so much emphasis and get so caught up in the idea of a relationship that we forget to cherish the life of SINGLENESS. The freedom that comes with it and with little responsibilities.

The most important relationship for me is the relationship I have with my God and no matter how human I might be and constantly dreaming of that ONE SPECIAL PERSON to enter my life, I’m going to try not to CONFORM to the PATTERNS of this WORLD but be TRANSFORM by the RENEWING of YOUR MIND (Romans 12:2).

Who said it was going to be easy living a Christian life?

Until then I’m going to continue to cherish my life of SINGLENESS and achieve plenty of things such as missions and travelling around the world and continue to grow that relationship with GOD.


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