Freedom Granted

What is your definition of freedom?

Let me tell you a story. Depending on how you see it, it may be a lesson learnt the hard way or a lesson learnt the adventurous way.

A friend of mine, Marie, was in the midst of finishing Year 12 and found the pressure of this last year of high school a massive burden. But she knew that this was an important year as it could map her future. She organised her time very well. She would go home everyday after school, have a nap and then begin her studies. While on Friday nights she would go out with her friends or go to youth group to relax and let her hair down. Friday was always the day Marie look forward to as it was the last day of the week and she can to go out with her friends. However, this was not possible because her parents said it was year 12 and she should be spending her time at home studying. Marie had debates with her parents and emphasized that she needed time away from her table full of textbooks and stationary. Unfortunately, she didn’t get her point across and for months she would be studying half-halfheartedly on Friday nights. And weeks goes by with her friends keep reminding her of how they’re excited about activities going on on their Friday night. Marie decided enough was enough. It was time to gain that freedom that she had been dreaming for.

Marie moved out a month before her VCE exams. She found a shared house and decided she needed a job. She found a job at a fast food chain in the city. She worked on weekends and studied. She would go out on Friday nights. Finally when her exams were over, she had other problems to worry about: bills, rents and other living expenses. She worked to pay for her living expenses and when time comes she had to do tax return which she didn’t know how to do. She had to cook for herself, do her own washing and grocery shopping. This was extra things that she didn’t have to think about if she was living at home.

So she moved back home and appreciated everything her parents did for her and she also learnt that there is a trade off. When she moved back there was security and freedom with limitations. The limitations were reasonable because her parents has learnt to let go and remember that their child is growing up to be an adult.


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