My Chains are Gone, I’ve been set FREE

Ever heard of the word FORGIVENESS? NO?

What is FORGIVENESS? What does it even mean? It is the process of forgiving or stop the feeling of resentment towards someone.


Can you imagine yourself doing it?

This is one of the concepts where it is easy to say BUT sooooooo hard to do. But you know what, It can be done.

You see, we are humans after all. We have feelings. Most of the time when we have been wronged again and again, we start to build that resentment, hatred and dislike towards someone. Imagine if you have been abandoned or adopted as a child and you don’t know who is biological mother is. But when you  find out, you want answers. You have so many unanswered questions.

Why did you leave me?

Why didn’t you come back for me?

Why didn’t you tell me? WHY? WHY? WHY?

With all this why questions you constantly have in your mind, it has an effect on the things you do. It like a burden that you can’t get rid of. It’s like you being bound by chains and you are struggling to get it off. This is when FORGIVENESS is extremely important. When you hold all these hatred and resentment close to your heart, you cannot forgive. It’s like where there is darkness, there will not be light. When you don’t forgive and LET GO of all the bad things that happened to you, it’s like being in jail and being bound by chains that will forever be with you. UNTIL you let go and forgive, then REAL, TRUE freedom will be with you. You will be able to feel it. However with this said, it has to be done WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Even if you hold back the slightest hatred, it will not set you free.

Of course it’s hard. Forgetting all the things that this person that has done to you for the past 10 years and the pain, agony and suffering you had to go through. WHO said it was going to be EASY? I didn’t say that. But what will help is for someone to journey with you through that period and encourage you to LET IT GO and don’t hold it back anymore. 

Pray and ask God to give you that strength to conquer it and His mercy and love be with you, so that you can forgive those who needs to be forgiven.

Ask to be prayed for.

God Bless


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