Should I or Shouldn’t I

So what do you do when there’s an opportunity and you hear a little voice saying ‘go and do it’ and the other saying ‘Hmm I’m not sure what if…’?

That it when you need to make a decision and have courage especially if the subject is new to you or it’s out of your comfort zone. You can actually learn a lot from taking a step out of that little box of yours.

I went to the Women’s Australian Volleyball League trial today and they were only selecting 18 players with 3 being development players. This opportunity present itself to me a few months ago and I didn’t think much of it until the last few days. This trial is like getting into the big league ‘big boys game’ and I thought ‘I’m not good enough’. So I decided to weigh things up a bit.

1. So I know I’m not good enough. That’s a fact. My standards aren’t that high.

2. It’s scary.

3. It’s so far away.

Then I thought ‘But you are playing in the semi final in the state league and there’s a weekend break’. Usually when there’s a weekend break from volleyball, it’s so hard to get back the momentum. And we almost beat the Melbourne Uni Renegades yesterday. Why don’t you just go to this trial and use it as a training session and see how the ‘big boys’ play. What have you got to lose, I’m just gonna try my luck.

So I turned up this morning. I was so nervous. All this girls turned up. They all look so pro and some of them coach the teams that we played against. But no going back. I was already there. I get to meet the famous Luke Campbell. We started warm up and it was already really hard and then we started doing drills. These girls we all tall and they could really hit hard balls straight down. When I said hard, I mean REALLLLLY HARD. I mean I tried hard and had quite a few hard balls hit at me and almost a few into my face but that’s ok. I ended up with a MASSIVE bruise on my left wrist which I never had before playing volleyball except when I first started and even so it wasn’t that big. Anyways I didn’t make the team, but that is beside the point.

The point is courage

1. Practice persistence

2. Learn new things – you’ll never learn anything if you keep doing what you’re comfortable with because you know them already. Take that step outside that comfort zone, even if it’s a small step

3. Especially when you know you can do something well, it just challenges you to push yourself a little further.


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