Global Challenge – a real challenge

Sooo what am I doing at the moment? Twiddling my thumb, going on Facebook, looking at the upcoming MUNs, planning my week and looking forward to training tonight.

Actually, I’m sitting in a 1st year geography lecture, Global Challenge. We’re talking about scales and maps. YAY! I thought it was going to be more exciting to learn more about what the earth is facing and the interaction we have with it, but we are talking about scale, scale and more SCALE. Dots to represent provinces and color on scale. Telling us what we already know. WHY? I thought we were meant to learn new things. I could do all this in my own time. Why am I even here.

What a waste of time in 1st week. I’m not saying all lectures are like that. Of course you should turn up to them. My previous lecture was a unit call Power and Poverty in International development and it was much more interesting than this. It must be the lecturer. That’s why I’ve ended up writing this blog in the lecture instead. So sad. I thought I wasn’t gonna get much time to write but here I am but I do know it will be irregular because I’m in my last semester. YAY!!! Exciting!!!


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