Unity in Christ

It is just the craziest thing to think people all over the world in different places and have different cultures. But you know what, they are just like us, worshipping the same God. Being able to come into the presence of God, worship Him, encounter Him. It’s not exclusive. It includes anyone and everyone. The … More Unity in Christ

5 great things about having Christian friends

I have decided to surround myself with Christian friends since about the age of 16 and since then enjoyed my lasting friendship with them. More comfortable in a foreign environment with known believers – you know that everyone there believes in the same thing you do, therefore you know they are going to support you … More 5 great things about having Christian friends

Panic Button

Panic Button… What do you think of? Someone getting robbed in a shop? Aggravated burglary? How about in an exam? When you see a question you have no clue about or when you don’t know what to say during public speaking or debating. How about the idea of panicking on court when you are playing … More Panic Button