Panic Button

Panic Button…

What do you think of? Someone getting robbed in a shop? Aggravated burglary?

How about in an exam? When you see a question you have no clue about or when you don’t know what to say during public speaking or debating. How about the idea of panicking on court when you are playing sport?

Today I was refereeing a game of Senior girls volleyball at Camberwell Girls Grammar. They were quite competitive but a few things they could have done to win communication, want the ball and less panicking. Reflecting on the semi-final game on Saturday, there were a few times where we panicked a little and our performance started to dwindle and personally panic a lot in general but I tried to keep it cool during the game which I think I did quite well considering. The other thing is communication. I’m a very quiet person when I don’t know things, but communication is important in teamwork. In a game of volleyball or whatever sport, you might be able to get away with not communicating but once you panic like I do, there is little hope in winning a game. This reminds me of the AFL game on Friday night where the Hawks were playing the Tigers. One would have thought that the reigning premiers can defeat the Tigers. Instead, the Hawks got defeated and there were a lot of panicky stuff going on in the second half where they were kicking balls to nobody but space and not kicking goals.

In life, whether it’s studying, work or sport the panic button is not to be hit unless a serious danger presents itself. But sometimes we set standards that is so high that we think these things are a ‘danger’ to us and there is a need to hit that panic button.


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