5 great things about having Christian friends

I have decided to surround myself with Christian friends since about the age of 16 and since then enjoyed my lasting friendship with them.

  1. More comfortable in a foreign environment with known believers – you know that everyone there believes in the same thing you do, therefore you know they are going to support you in someway and it doesn’t take long to start a conversation even for a shy person
  2. You can rely on them to have great BIBLE discussions – there’s always different perspective on life topics in accordance to the bible
  3. Journey with each other – living life together and sharing what you have learnt and learn from each other and growing in FAITH
  4. Having mutual friends – The Christian circle is quite small. You will always find that there is a mutual friend from somewhere
  5. You can always rely on someone being there for you (physically) – when you need them, usually there will be someone that will come to your rescue, from needing a hug to taking you to the hospital

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