Why you need non-Christian friends too???


They are bad influence. What if I stray away with them.

That is exactly the point. You are living in a secular world after all. There are plenty of non-believers you’ll have to work with and live among. But they can benefit you too.

  1. They can make you see things in a different point of view – Christians tend to have their own standard and culture and if we live in a close community of like-minded people, it’s like living in your own little world with nothing coming in or going out, ‘bubble’.

2. They will challenge or strengthen your faith – They will seek you for answers but at the same time ask you hard questions from a worldly perspective. You can debate all day long about one small topic. Most of the time we don’t have all the answers, therefore it means we have to go and find out which will help us grow spiritually

3. They can hold you accountable – your non-Christian friends may be the best people to do this, because with your Christian friends, we might become lazy and let things go. Whereas non-Christian friends can tell you according to what they know as a Christian character

4. They NEED what you have – the chance to share the GOOD NEWS with them. The truth is that the world need to know that Jesus LOVES them and has a plan for them. When you are a real friends and have a deep connection the GOOD NEWS may slowly be accepted as the truth


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