Unity in Christ

It is just the craziest thing to think people all over the world in different places and have different cultures. But you know what, they are just like us, worshipping the same God. Being able to come into the presence of God, worship Him, encounter Him. It’s not exclusive. It includes anyone and everyone. The love is there to be shared. What you’ve done or where you’ve been in the past, Jesus says ‘come as you are’. We can take the eyes off ourselves and our differences and just see Him, see the world the way He sees it and imagine… they will be NO separation, NO division, NO disunity. Imagine the power of a unified church.

People of all the Earth, men and women, both young and old praise and exalt the name of the Lord. For His name alone is exalted and supreme. His glory and majesty are above the Earth and Heavens. Psalm 148:11-13


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