My Volleyball Principles

I have to thank my friends who played volleyball with me at school and the teacher that gave us the occasional training for my love of volleyball. Although I would have much preferred to know much more about the world of volleyball much earlier such as the schools cup, state team trials and other events.

After playing for a few years and just entering the coaching and refereeing world of volleyball I’ve seen many things that a team should do when playing volleyball which cause teams to lose rapidly. In addition, I’ve also learn with the team I played with. Therefore, when I coach my team and while they’re young drilling some of these key points into them is critical for a success in matches and future volleyball. Some of the point that is so important in doing well in a game are:

  1. Communication – talking to your teammates is essential to avoid injuries because you crash into each other trying to get to the ball or letting the ball drop right in front of you because ‘I thought s/he was gonna get it’. This is a big NO, NO. I don’t know why it is so hard for most players to open that mouth and say ‘mine’. Sometimes I would say to my players ‘Have you been to the dentist? Is that why you can’t open your mouth and say mine?’ On the contrary, when they do call for the ball young players like to call ‘yours’ which frustrates me because everyone can call ‘yours’ and the ball will still fall flat on the ground, so what is the point. The last thing I remember saying to my players before the game recently was to talk more or scream because I can’t hear them from the sidelines. That there we were also facing a tough opponent, so communicating was even more important than usual. What I said kinda worked. It was ‘Look, if you guys don’t wanna talk, we can all pack our bags and go home because there’s no chance of winning.’
  2. Wanting the ball – players need to want the ball so much so they will do whatever necessary to save the ball which will giving them a higher chance of winning the point
  3. Run – most students in high school think they don’t need to run because it’s such as small court. Hey buddy, you got it wrong. In any sport (on land), especially team sport, there is a need to run.
  4. 3 hits – having 3 hits is crucial to having a good attack. It is like having 3 seconds to hold the ball before you pass in netball. Similarly, if you can have 3 hits to get the ball over the net why wouldn’t you use it?
  5. High balls – having high balls means players/team mates can get to the ball on time. Even if the ball didn’t end up where you wanted it, if the ball is high someone will be able to get it and remember there is 3 hits at a team’s disposal. Another reason for high balls is to get a good attack. We cannot have an effective attack with a low ball. It’ll just go into the net.
  6. Use to hands – every basic action in volleyball requires two hands (dig, set, block), so there is more control of the ball. One hand-ers is sometimes used as a desperate measure (but high discourage). Similar to using legs, especially by boys in high schools. I say to them that legs are for soccer and try to use hands.

These are some of the keys skill I expect a good volleyball player to do when playing on my team 🙂

As you might be able to tell by now, I’m a very competitive person when it comes to sport and I expect the same things from my players and of course do their best and have fun.


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