Seek and He hears and answers

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus


Have you ever find yourself in situations you shouldn’t be in or difficult circumstances? I’m sure you have. Don’t lie.

It’s at times like this that you turn to the one and ONLY mighty FATHER, God.

So I wanted to share with you an encounter with God recently. It’s not in a way you might automatically think one communicates which is by talking and hearing voices. Recently, I have been extremely stressed and frustrated by people and the household environment. It’s been filled with tension and stress. It got to a point where both my mum and I got so frustrated by the situation we’re in and each other, therefore  I thought ” I have to get out of here before we start attacking each other “. So I went to church and spent some quiet time by myself. On my way there, I prayed and ask God to be with me but also asked Him what He wanted from me. Then I met with my pastor. I said “mum is questioning why dad is trying to be God by being so generous when we don’t have much ourselves?” Now that is not true. We have plenty compare to some. But even I was quite skeptical at the time and being influenced by my mum’s thoughts and at one stage dad  in a way gave me a slap in the face. He said “Why don’t you trust that He will provide and the fact that you’re a youth leader means you’re a hypocrite.” My pastor said to me “God is trying to get your attention (an awakening in a sense) by saying take a vacation from trying to be in control”. He also told me the story of Moses taking the Israelites to cross the Red Sea. At this point I relate so well to the Israelites. What must they be thinking at the time? They must have felt so trapped with the Red Sea representing the future unknown, Israelites being me and Egyptians chasing at the back. I thought alright God I’m going to trust you. That night when I was doing my devotion, God provided me with another example, the story of Mary and Martha. When Jesus visited these sisters, Mary decided to spend time with Him but Martha was busy doing chores and complaining. Again, this told me that I needed to spend more time with Him and take a “vacation” and everything will be fine. One week later, the group discussion guide for my youth group was about how God communicates with us. I did my homework and did the questions and look up some verses. The most important thing was that I knew He was communicating to me through people, circumstances and His word. While I was doing this I came across a verse that says that He will NEVER contradict HIS word.

After this awakening, I came across another tough season and I still don’t know why. But I thought God is there and I’m sure I can cry to Him and question Him. While I was doing this, the worship music was on and the first song was a reminder. It was “Turn your eyes upon Jesus”. I felt so much better after that.

It is just amazing some of the strange ways God does things. Matthew 7:7 (NIV) reads “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” I’m sure there is so many more God stories I can share with you but I haven’t got that far yet. So for know think about think about how much you trust if you call yourself a Christian. You might be comfortable where you are. What if he tells you to leave your comfort zone into a not so comfortable area. Will you do it or question Him like me?


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