Passion for Him

So it has been a while since the last post. But something prompted this post. A person asking me whether the Holy Spirit really moves in you especially during worship.

The most common way of worship we see at churches is through music, but some people prefer a quite time spent with Him or journalling. Personally, I prefer the music because it allows me to express myself. Some people do this through dancing or raising their hands. In saying that, a lot of people are very self concious when worshipping in a group setting. The thought of “What if I look weird?” or “But no one is doing it” enters our mind, therefore people don’t do it. The important point during worship is that your focus should be on God and nothing else. During a night at youth, one of my youths ask me “Why do you raise your hand? Stop surrendering.” So I explain to her the why people do that. Surrendering to Him and being open to receive His presence is an important way for me because from experience incredible things happens and the Holy Spirit starts moving in me and the fire becomes wild. This is one way of God communicating to me. A good example of this is when I feel angry or sad, the only way to take that pain away or for that wound to be healed is through singing praising to my God and I can gurantee that after every worship session I feel a thousand times better. It’s like “the walls in me came falling down”. His LOVE would just flow into my heart “like a wildfire came and started war inside” with every darkness in my heart. Another example is when I turn up to youth on a Friday night, I will exhausted and tired and I just don’t want to be there, but as soon as worship begins, I can tell you it’s “like a rushing wind that came and gave me life within” and I always leave knowing I have made the best decision in turning up, because I would leave and feel more alive than ever.

So this is my story. The bottom line is whether you are ready to receive it or not. Is your heart open to Him?


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