Technology integration

Technology integration in the classroom includes many different learning theories, especially when it is most effective when you combine the constructivist model of learning and directed instructions along with connectivism. It is important for students to be able to construct knowledge and meaning from their experiences which will make it more memorable. As teachers, we … More Technology integration

QR codes

We like to use worksheets and textbooks in classrooms. But it’s just not as exciting as QR codes where you can just scan and get information.It can be used by all year levels in all subjects. A science teacher can attach a video of electron transport chain when we learn about this topic. Similarly, primary … More QR codes

Technology Tools for 21st Century Teaching – The Basic Suite

When should students start word processing? Students can learn to word processing software as young as 4 years old. There are some softwares that are designed for young children. It will benefit their writing skills especially when they start using these softwares at a young age. However, some people might worry that younger generations will … More Technology Tools for 21st Century Teaching – The Basic Suite