Technology and Learning

The main concern raised on the topic of using technology as a learning tool by November was that it is a distraction (November, 2009). I agree with his thoughts that instead of using technology to aid our learning, kids sees technology as a solution to getting things done quickly which sees the rate of plagiarism sky-rocket. Generally speaking, we’ve robbed our children and future generations by allowing bad tecnology practices which sees students lose their critical thinking ability (Novermber, 2009). On the other hand, we need to change our way of learning which expects students to receive, memorise and store (Rowan & Bigum, 2012). We need to slowly introduce the use of technology instead of what is currently seen as a rapid shift to technology. We have to also take into account the consequences of this shift to technology. In this era, children cannot live without internet. Personally, I think we need to change our mentality towards technology and remind ourselves that if we use it in the correct way and use it moderately, it will definitely benefit us. Technology can also help to shift the ‘teacher is the boss’ thinking and support different learning skills such as collaborative learning which encourages students to learn from each other and use teacher as a facilitator.



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Rowan, L. & Bigum, C. (2012). Transformative Approaches to New Technologies and Student Diversity in Futures Oriented Classrooms. Retrieved from


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