Interactive Whiteboards in Classrooms

Interactive whiteboards can be seen almost in every classroom. But why do some teachers use them and others only use it as a visual aid?

Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) encourage dialogic teaching and not only students learning from each other but teachers and students building on each others’ ideas (Mercer, Hennessy, & Warwick, 2010). The IWBs can assist teachers in carrying out pedagogic intentions such as scaffold learning (Mercer, Hennessy, & Warwick, 2010) which can also lead to collaborative learning,develop a learning community, support provisionality of students’ evolving ideas etc (Mercer, Hennessy, & Warwick, 2010).

There are also some challenges that comes with the use of IWBs to enhance classroom learning. Teacher’s attitude towards using this classroom hardware is definitely a factor. Glover and Miller reports three different attitudes. Firstly, teachers who are enthusiatic and ready to embrace interactive learning styles (Glover & Miller, 2006). Secondly, teachers who lacks confidence to change approaches therefore limiting the development of interactive teaching (Glover & Miller, 2006). Finally, interactive whiteboards are only used as visual aids by teachers with little shift from transmissive teaching styles (Glover & Miller, 2006).



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