QR codes

We like to use worksheets and textbooks in classrooms. But it’s just not as exciting as QR codes where you can just scan and get information.It can be used by all year levels in all subjects. A science teacher can attach a video of electron transport chain when we learn about this topic. Similarly, primary school kids can learn through a scavenger hunt involving QR codes which leads to a page with instructions on the tasks they have to complete (Mensing, 2013). This 21st century tool has the potential to engage students and transform lessons giving students a new form of learning opportunity.

Recently, I tried a few different strategies to keep my year 8 youth girls engaged during small group discussions and on the relevant topic. Using QR code to start discussion questions with a few rules means they can use their devices to pick a question as a group and answer them and everyone will have a go.

It is a massive shift in culture from using paper to just technology. It is definitely useful and we have to adapt to the new way of teaching which involve using technology as our resources in education but this doesn’t mean we have to get rid of the old teaching method. Books, pen and paper is also beneficial in its own way and if we combine technology and pen and paper it will teach children not to rely too much on technology as it can bring technical problems.


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