Web-based learning

YouTube EDU makes life easier for teachers to find relevant educational videos to use instead of just typing in words into Youtube and search relevant videos from a pool of possible channels. It is definitely more relevant and apppropriate for science areas

Google Maps for Education is especially handy for students who learn by visualising. It enhances student’s ability to be creative using mapping tools and also explore and collaborate with their peers in a more interactive way.

Trimble SketchUp is an extremely important resource in science especially the tougher concepts to understand with just a picture of a cell in front of you. Concepts like the electron transport chain, students can sketch a 3D model in order for them to understand how it actually works especially those who have a photographic memory.

Mentimeter (https://www.mentimeter.com/) is a way to present an interactive way of teaching instead of using the old boring PowerPoint. Mentimeter also has an audience response system in which students can participate and put in their thoughts.


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