Computer viruses and hacking

Computer viruses and hacking are potential problems for schools that might effect student’s learning. The need for students to download files and attached emails is a must especially when conducting research. The main problem is virus being transferred onto the school computers. As for hacking, although a lot of the times it is unlikely for hackers to hack the system but there’s still a chance of that for the pupose of stealing personal information or corrupt any data on the system. Sometimes the firewalls prevents that from happening, yet the firewalls can prevent teaching and learning by blocking some useful sites.

Roblyer, M., & Doering, A. (2014). Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching (1st ed.). Harlow: Pearson.


One thought on “Computer viruses and hacking

  1. Hi Wan,
    There do seem to be a huge number of issues to contend with, with regards to viruses and hacking. A significant issue that schools face is likely in the inexperience of students. Students are less aware of which sites are likely to contain virus or spyware risks.I wonder if the solution is a matter of restriction of access until students are evidently aware enough, or if suitable education on the indicators of online risk would be sufficient.
    Either way I’m glad I’m not involved in school IT security policy!


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