Lesson planning

The diffcult part of the lesson planning, I find, are two question: “How will I teach it?” and “How will I know if the students understand?” Planning a lesson is all about progression and regression, but also ensuring that you tick all the boxes in terms of engaging students for 60 minutes and making sure they develop skills during activities. The other part that concerns me is the time available to meet the content requirements taking into consideration that the lesson might not run according to plan a lot of the times (Abdul Gafoor, & Farooque, 2010).

Abdul Gafoor, K., & Farooque, U. (2010). Ways to Improve Lesson Planning: A Student Teacher Perspective. Retrieved 3 May 2017, from http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED517056.pdf


One thought on “Lesson planning

  1. I feel your two questions. As a future teacher i certainly do worry about if i’m teaching right, are the students actually learning. Am i teaching them the right thing? I guess the answer to the questions will soon be worked out, when you have your own classroom and students in examinations and self reflections.


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