Hardware in Classrooms

Interactive whiteboards can be seen almost in every classroom. But why do some teachers use them and others only use it as a visual aid? Interactive whiteboards allow students to visualise the process and concepts and is especially use in subjects such as science or maths. These subjects is mainly about the processes and relationships … More Hardware in Classrooms

The affordances of classroom technologies

Students having laptops means we are able to structure and coordinate activities as well as support community learning (Rubens, Emans, Leinonen, Skarmeta and Simons, 2005)but at the same time we need to consider the cost and effectiveness of these technological tools. A laptop provides both educational and social affordances. When we consider these two main … More The affordances of classroom technologies

21st Century Skills and Digital Literacy

ICT definitely has a place in 21st Century Skills and Learning, but it is only effective if it is implemented correctly (Voogt, Knezek, Cox, Knezek & ten¬†Brummelhuis, 2011). The way that Ngee Ann SC incorporated technology into classroom teaching and learning gave me an insight to another way of using technology to our advantage and … More 21st Century Skills and Digital Literacy