Classroom behaviour management and technology

Technology integration in education can be seen as a challenge with the key argument being disruptions or seen as an opportunity for improved teaching and learning. Technology is brought into teaching with good intentions but like anything else, it encounters unwanted side effects such as distraction and interruption in the classroom (Fang, 2009). Mobile phones, … More Classroom behaviour management and technology

Online Safety

Cyber bullying in a school setting is a growing social concern. AsĀ the use of technology increases in society, the potential for cyber bullying grows. It has been argued that this form of bullying happens relatively independent from school-based physical and verbal bullying, therefore even harder to address (Varjas, HendrickĀ  & Meyers, 2009). A new generation … More Online Safety

Web-based learning

The two main web-based resources I tend to like to use are Phet Interactive Simulations and Science Fair Central. Phet Interactive Simulations presents students with an opportunity to have a fun experience with a range of different interactive science simulations. Science Fair Central is a web-based resource from Discovery Education that offers interactives, presentations, projects … More Web-based learning