Collaborative classroom technologies

Collaboration between students is great for student’s learning because they cannot only learn from each other but bounce ideas, energy and passion off each other. Collaborative technologies take various forms and the boundaries are not always clear as technologies become easier to incorporate (Laurillard, 2008). Technologies are able to meet challenges that the traditional way of learning cannot. Collaboration isn’t just social learning, but also an opportunity for essential feedback on the action of “explanation” or “argument” which requires reflection. At the start of the year, I’ll list the topics we’ll be covering during the year and get students into groups to create a website in which they’ll work on in a meaningful and creative way. For example, the topic is on organisms. Students can talk about saving animals or how to be sustainable or what we all have to do to protect the environment at school. All these can be in the form of videos, written text, games and whatever the students are passionate about. Teachers can also identify the areas in which students tend to have trouble understanding concepts and develop an interactive activity that allows students with the opportunity to collaborate with each other and develop the practical application of the concepts, theory or idea in the context of discussion (Laurillard, 2008). The collaboration between students is important because it is a way of motivating a high level of processing of ideas, argument, justification and evidence (Laurillard, 2008).



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