God’s Army

Many politicians today are seen as seeking power for power’s sake and political correctness has become the order of the day. Perhaps because most Christians have forgotten that they are the politicians and public leaders of the kingdom. Jesus Christ is our example of how we should lead life here on Earth. He led a … More God’s Army

Passion for Him

So it has been a while since the last post. But something prompted this post. A person asking me whether the Holy Spirit really moves in you especially during worship. The most common way of worship we see at churches is through music, but some people prefer a quite time spent with Him or journalling. … More Passion for Him

Unity in Christ

It is just the craziest thing to think people all over the world in different places and have different cultures. But you know what, they are just like us, worshipping the same God. Being able to come into the presence of God, worship Him, encounter Him. It’s not exclusive. It includes anyone and everyone. The … More Unity in Christ