Classroom behaviour management and technology

Banning mobile phone and other digital devices may be a great idea when trying to eliminate distraction from learning. In addition, students may be tempted to cheat during tests. Without technologies in classroom, at least there’s a higher chance of students being attentive in class. With that said, technology can be a great learning tool … More Classroom behaviour management and technology

Lesson planning

The diffcult part of the lesson planning, I find, are two question: “How will I teach it?” and “How will I know if the students understand?” Planning a lesson is all about progression and regression, but also ensuring that you tick all the boxes in terms of engaging students for 60 minutes and making sure … More Lesson planning

Web-based learning

YouTube EDU makes life easier for teachers to find relevant educational videos to use instead of just typing in words into Youtube and search relevant videos from a pool of possible channels. It is definitely more relevant and apppropriate for science areas Google Maps for Education is especially handy for students who learn by visualising. … More Web-based learning


The different types of cyberbullying needs to be specifically mentioned in school policies which range from pranking to hate sites (Department of Education and Training, 2015). The people who needs to know that bullying is happening are always the last ones to know, whether in person or online. Online makes it harder for teachers to … More Cyberbullying

Technology integration

Technology integration in the classroom includes many different learning theories, especially when it is most effective when you combine the constructivist model of learning and directed instructions along with connectivism. It is important for students to be able to construct knowledge and meaning from their experiences which will make it more memorable. As teachers, we … More Technology integration

Hardware or software choices in Science

In Science, teachers don’t always have to spend time on long projects that include the whole scientific process. But in order for students to have a hands-on experience of what they’ve learned, teachers have to change their teaching style. Online resources such as Splash ABC allows students to visualise data and phenomena. Tools like that … More Hardware or software choices in Science


We cannot educate the same way as we did, because of the integration of the new and fast-paced technology, yet endorse authentic learning by delivering a new form of education (Jacobs, 2010). Schools must offer a structure where there is real consistency and relevant learning taking place at all times (Ackerman & Krupp, 2012). In … More BYOD